about my work


 Fiona Corrigan

Photographer and more some!!


Hello -  I am Fiona a Brit living in Newport Beach California.

EXPERIENCE: I have freelanced in the Publishing Media and Advertising Industries (print & digital)  since I starting out as 20 yr old makeup artist; Reaching the top of my game I owned the privilege and revelled in the experience of working alongside world renowned Photographers, Directors and Designers. Observing and learning I broadened my skill sets transitioning my career from Art Director to Photographer. 

2006 - Present

Freelance Photographer Creative Director for Media Publishers & Marketing Companies

My Title/Role

Photographer - Photograph

Art Director

Beauty Editor - Write & Produce Beauty Stories for Magazines & National Newspapers. Attend Beauty Launches. Book crew and Talent

Brand Developer - Research Design and Re

Media Publishing Companies I have worked with

Hearst Communications, Fairfax Media, Seven Network;

Marketing & Advertising I have worked with

Endelman, Vivid Publicity, Launch Pad Publicity,

I also work directly with Brands in Fashion, Beauty and Interiors.


SKILLS: Photography, Graphic Design, Proficient in Adobe CC


PRODUCTION: Imanage and produce shoots ranging anywhere from simple head-shots to world-wide advertising campaigns. Also, I have the ability to organize and book crew, talent and help needed.

CREW | TALENT:  I have built relationships with numerous models, hair stylists, makeup artist, agents and any additional crew needed for any and every type of production.

POST-PRODUCTION: I have extensive experience retouching photos in Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Raw. Giving me a full digital workflow, enabling me to deliver the quality and efficiency my clients expect.


KNOWLEDGE: Advanced digital imaging knowledge and experience separate me from the rest. I am proficient in all types of photographic systems and lighting techniques. Whether it be, in studio, on location, or outdoors. This means I will properly light any scene, getting the best image quality and the impacting visual appeal my clients are looking for.


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