A little bit about me


I am often described as an intuitive, who is  happy creative, positive and focused .  My work ethic is one of reciprocity, as I am a big believer in the “Golden Rule”…

My life career experience is extensive, global in fact; in the commercial, fashion, beauty, pr, media and publishing Industries;  I believe whole-hardheartedly in the work that I create and "in doing the right thing" at any given moment. I am drawn to achieve positive outcomes as my passion keeps me ambitious, disciplined, motivated and constantly bettering my skill sets while continuously learning new ones…


Transitioning from a career as a Celebrity Makeup Artist to Photographer and Graphic Artist happened quite organically. I never really left one career to do the other because  8yrs prior to picking up a camera and shooting my very first magazine shoot I wrote and produced editorial spreads for national lifestyle magazines as health and beauty editor accumulating much treasured and valuable experience in the practical application in Production, Art Direction Graphic Layout, Composition and Form adding to my Creative Artistic Skills Sets benefiting my current career path. 


Below is a synopses of my career if you would like to know any more drop a message...thanks fiona x


A U.K. native Fiona grew up in London. Centrally based in Marylebone Fiona started assisting on fashion photo shoots before she headed off to Paris and Milan to build her makeup portfolio. Within 2 years of living in Milan having worked with clients such as Italian Vogue and on campaigns for Armani and Missoni. Returning back to London it was not long before she earned a reputation for transforming complexions with her signature fresh and dewy makeup and smokey eyes quickly becoming Helena Bonham Cartier's go to Makeup Artist. This opened doors for many more luminaries such as Nicole Kidman, Rachael Weisz, Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Hurley. Her career in the fashion Industry brought her lots of travel all over the world shooting in exotic locations for Magazines such as Harpers & Queen and Marie Claire and Advertising Campaigns for clients such as Burberry and DeBeers

fiona corrigan photography